Chicago Italian Tutor

Student Testimonials

"Diana is a fantastic tutor. She’s so kind and patient and has so much language knowledge it’s amazing! I couldn’t recommend her more! Molto bene!!" -

Lisa C.

11.jpg"Diana is an absolutely WONDERFUL Italian teacher!  My two children have been working with Diana and have developed a true passion for the language and culture. It is all because Diana makes the class fun and exciting. My Italian speaking mother and aunt couldn't believe how well the kids are speaking Italian. Diana's joy for teaching is obvious!. Our family is so thankful to have Diana in our lives!" -Julie Z.


"Diana was my Italian I professor at Florida State University and I highly recommend her as an instructor! I took her course the semester before studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and found that I was able to dialogue well due to her wonderful instruction. Diana made every class both exciting and challenging, and I looked forward to learning in her class every day!" - Mallory W. 

"I attended an Intro To Italian class at Moraine Valley Community College to prepare for a family vacation to Italy for 10 days. After completing the class, i gained conversational knowledge on greetings, food, traveling, money and other various Italian customs. Diana was extremely knowledgeable about the language and made the course an extremely fun learning experience. I would highly recommend her as an instructor, along with your own trip to Europe as well!" -Andrea C.

"I had Diana for a professor at Florida State for three semesters because I knew I needed to enroll in her sections after I learned so much the first semester! She really is an incredible teacher that will match the pace of a student's learning and will really try to explain things in as many ways as possible. She is great at providing a judgment-free learning environment and at making you feel comfortable while trying to tackle speaking, reading, and writing Italian. Her learning exercises always apply the material in ways really beneficial to learning and understanding the language, especially with the sometimes tricky grammar rules. You really couldn't put your money towards a better Italian tutor in my opinion!" -Sophie C.